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i can not join\

I don't know how to join

Really fun game! Nearly everything feels super fluid but theres something about moving the character that is just not moving very smoothly, at least for me. Anyways, that's the only negative thing I have for it, but it still doesn't take away from it being a really fun. I hope you enjoy the video! 


This is a fun short game.

One of the three games featured in this video! I loved the game!

Thanks for the video,bro!

A great game. It is really fun.

We enjoyed it very much. We would love a multiplayer mode for it (Co-op).

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

how dose dis game start????????????

same here

click left mouse button?

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I tried all download links. Can some one help me? i dont know...

What happens to be the problem?

damn i love this game! was planning on asking for permission to use it for a project but realized that it was a bit "violent" ^^ 

Very fun game :) 

Well, i did not expect it to be that addicting, i had tons of fun playing even though i didn't make it to the end ._.~

hi, i love your game can i use it in my project as mini game ? [the idea is the player visit an aracde and try out different games] let me know if you to give me permission [i make sure to credit you ]

Yes of course,please tell me when you done,haha.

thank you very much you rocks !

Hi Jeff,  I want to include Tennis Hero in the roundup of  In Development and would like to ask you a few questions to include in the article. Where can I send them to you?

Thanks!Maybe you can send me a email?

Hey! Super cool game! Love it!

I know its not much but i really liked your game. It is cute and very fun . . . but, at t he same time it made me want to throw my computer across the floor XD.

Thanks for the video!subscribed!

Thank you so much! I really did like this game and can't wait to see more games by you in the future!

Can't unrar the file. Says error in packed file.

Sorry,I uploaded a zip file,maybe you can try that one?

Works now,thank you very much !!!

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The game is amazing. I had a great time playing it. Keep up the great work

Thanks for playing!

I can't seem to unrar the Mac build, it says it is not a rar archive...

Sorry about that,i will try to use zip later

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A very satisfying game both in its simple core mechanics and stunning use of light which reminds us that sometimes your game do not need to like rendered on the Fox Engine in order to be fantastic.

Given the way enemies were eliminated during the game, I adventure myself to say that this was indeed a combinations genres as described in the game’s description: Bullet Hell, Tennis and Block Breaker.

The explanation of the controls were put inside the game, which was kind of surprise given the quantity of titles for this LDJAM 41 tends to leave this aspect of their games outside the feature list or “hidden” behind a “help” button or YouTube video showcasing game play.


Thank you very much!

Very difficult to play under mac os. The setting to control directions with keyboard does not work at all. No matter what I do, it's a mouse only control.

Sorry about that,this game can only be controlled by using mouse.But I added some settings in the game,maybe that will help.



I love this tennis game! it is very very challenging! it would be awesome if there were like more levels and stuff but really good job on creating this! 


Thanks for the video!I may not have time to keep makeing this game,but if i have time i will try to make some new thing

This was actually VERY well made! It felt simplistic but the scene is super visually pleasing. I didn't last the entire 60 seconds but I made it through quite a few waves and the difficulty scale is up there (probably just my opinion- I'm terrible at this sort of game). The only suggestion I could possibly think of to make this any better would be to add some sort of intense background music. The game already does a phenomenal job of getting the player into it. It's super fast-paced and you have to really pay attention. There were also a lot of little things that I noticed during gameplay that add that extra polish to the game itself. The ability to control the balls with the mouse when you hit them back for precise aim was one of them. 

tl;dr - Game was good. Loved it. Etc.

Thanks so much for making this!

Thanks very much,i'm very happy that you love the game,that really means a lot!In fact i still don't know how to make a music,maybe someday i will try to learn that,haha.

haha that’s okay. Same here! I need to learn that at some point. xD There is an awesome free software out there but I can’t remember what it was called.

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excellent game -- nice to look at and the difficulty ramps up well.  Solid!

Thanks very much!

Do you have a link to your Ludum Dare page so I can give you a rating?


I'm not sure if I actually won, but if I did that's good. I didn't even bother getting multipliers because the games gets really intense along the way. Sometimes though, it seems like bullets are passing through the racket, but rarely. It is really hard to hit back the bullet in the way you want but it's not a problem since it's a feature.

Thanks for playing!Yes,you won.In fact you can move your mouse in your target's direction,so that the bullet will move in that direction.


Thanks bro!

A really great game, i think :D

Played it some time, until i figured out how to play it, but it was great fun!


Thanks for play!